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Perfect pour over

Makes the perfect cup of coffee, big enough to brew for multiple people. Also feels very well made/built. Compatible with the ratio 6 coffee machine

The Etkin 2 cup dripper

We bought the 8 cup dripper so that we could make pour-overs for a crowd and we loved it. We wanted to try the 2 cup for just my husband and me, and we love this one just as much.
The porcelain is smooth and feels nice in my hands. It brews wonderfully and is easy to clean.

Perfect for large batch drip coffee

After growing frustrated with my auto drip coffee makers, I was looking for a larger manual (pour over) drip coffee solution. I was pleased to find that Etkin makes the solution. The large ceramic dripper quickly makes enough coffee for my wife and I in the morning. The coffee tastes far better than any auto machine. After several batches, I now find the process simple and consistent. A great product!

Perfect ratio six companion

Ratio six is handy for busy mornings that require batch brewing. Etkin dripper is a perfect upgrade to the dripper tray - it fits the carafe perfectly and ratio six’s shower screen pours really nicely into etkin dripper. The resulting coffee is as tasty as hand dripped coffee.
Etkin is also very easy to clean, well built, and good looking! Really awesome product.

Wonderful customer service; Carafe is a crowd pleaser

Love using this for small house parties; everyone wants coffee and its fun to use.
The carafe seems quite delicate, and I worry a bit about how thin the handle is regarding durability, but the set up is wonderful.
I had an issue with my shipment initially but Aaron in customer service was able to help me very quickly. Overall it's been a great experience.
Just expect to be patient with such a large pour over amount, it takes about 5 minutes.

Brews nice but be gentle

I really enjoy this brewer, but it does not sit well on top of the glass carafe. You need to be a little gentle with it. That is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5. As for brewing it gets a 5.

It makes a very nice larger batch pour over. I am a big v-60 fan so the flat bottom changes things up. This is nice to have in the office were a few of us drink coffee. Also, it is heavy so be aware of your scale limits when brewing.

Etkin 8-Cup Pour-Over Set
Tyler Waters-Smith
Make Plenty

I love the brewer. It’s well made and sturdy. I worry about the charafe being made out of glass. I expect to break it at some point. I’m a little confused about why the set doesn’t come with filters. I should have read more carefully but it being $80 it seems like adding a small pack of filters would be reasonable. I haven’t found any yet that I think fit really well without sinking in.

Not all paper is the same

I make 1,100 G of coffee every morning. When I bought my dripper carafe I also bought the filters. After running out of paper filters, I found that other filters create a much slower flow rate no matter how much I open up my fellows grinder.

Love this brewer, simplicity at its best

Beautiful design, brews just as expected and holds a huge amount of coffee for huge groups.
I do wish there was a lid or cover so I can have it on a warmer for long periods of time, so I will have to be creative until Etkin comes out with one hopefully. And I will buy it!

Amazing customer service, thank you for helping me with my shipping issue I had!

Perfectly compatible filters

I received Bunn brand filters in a box, compatible with the 8-cup dripper.

I am really enjoying my new dripper and carafe.

Etkin 1.5L Carafe
José Vásquez
Perfect for the etkin 8 cup dripper.

This carafe is of great quality, however, it feels somewhat fragile, I would like it to be thicker glass, but it is designed perfectly for the etkin 8-cup dripper.

There is not much to say, simply the dripper and this carafe were born to live together, personally I like it a lot.

An amazing dripper

The quality of the material and manufacturing of this dripper is incredible, this is of the highest quality. In my V60 dripper I could not get the amount of coffee for 3 people, with the etkin dripper I have managed to get 4 210ml cups without problems, achieving a delicious coffee with sweet and smooth flavors on the palate.

My preparation time has exceeded 6 minutes, however, I have to perfect my technique.

A beautiful, elegant, high-quality dripper, easy to clean and that allows 1L of coffee, I have verified this myself.

Recommended 100%.

Etkin 1.5L Carafe
Amelia Muzzarelli
So sleek!

I love this carafe. It fits the 8 cup dripper perfectly and looks so nice on the coffee bar.

Etkin 8-Cup Coffee Dripper
best in class

there are a limited number of "high capacity" pour-over devices out there... fellows xf, big joe, maybe a couple others...?

this stands head and shoulders above its competitors by combining these key variables into its design: capacity; ubiquitous filter compatibility; double-walled; sustainable construction (this could be a faulty assumption that ceramics are less resource intensive than plastic (big joe) or vacuum-stainless (fellows)).

i also opted for a hario V60 thermal carafe model 03 (800mL capacity) which comes in white, making for an aesthetically pleasing setup that beats out the fellows XF combo both in price and capacity. the outer edge of the lip on the bottom of the dripper is just barely bigger than the opening of the V60 carafe, but it still sits securely enough to preclude any concern about tipping over.

just something to bear in mind if not buying the dripper+carafe set is that your receiving vessel opening has to be smaller than about 2.8" in diameter, or larger than roughly 3.5" in diameter, so that the bottom lip on this dripper sits flush.

many other thermal carafes should work, but the majority are taller with a narrow opening, making for a setup potentially less stable for my liking with a combination of scalding hot water, ceramics, and an under-caffeinated brain.

in closing, the chemex has long been the benchmark for high-capacity "centerpiece" pourover setups. but this is just as attractive of a piece, with more modularity and "brew now, drink later" functionality.

Etkin 8 cup

I previously purchased the Etkin 8 cup brewer and carafe. I liked the brewer so much I bought two more to use for brewing at markets and events. My only critique is that the brewer does not sit securely on the carafe and can easily slide around because the ring on the bottom doesn't rest inside the inside of the carafe. Once it slids off center, it cants the brewer so its no longe level. The For markets, I have to use another carafe that fits the brewer better so there is zero chance of failure. The carafe is also extremely thin glass that just isn't rugged enough for heavy use.

Use it every day with my Ratio 8

Kickstarter backed, and i love it.
Perfect fit on my ratio 8 with Kalitta 185 filters. Very nice balance on coffee restricting flow just enough for perfect extraction

Please please make it in black or even better matte black!

Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper
Dawnella Simmons
Etkin is great!

I love the 2-cup Etkin; it gives me flexibility as to what kind of coffee to have that day, and it's so easy to use. Thank you!


Don’t believe the 5 star reviews. I gave it ONE STAR and it automatically posted it as 5 star!!! Doesn’t come with a single filter. For $88 it should come with at least ONE!

Emailed twice about getting the wrong carafe and to this date they have not replied.

Hi Dalma, I hope this finds you well. We received one email from you and we responded immediately. If you would kindly check your email inbox and respond we would be more than happy to assist you. It was sent on September 22, but we never received a reply back.

It's big. . .and heavy. . .but great results

I pull 1000 grams in the morning. Switching to this set up first thing I learned is it is big for my Hario and Brewista scales. Hario scale gives an error as it gets to 1000g. Brewista will handle it but the carafe is huge in the scale.
So, I am using a traditional kitchen scale to get the job done.
Coming from a V60 to this is an improvement in the taste that I do enjoy and now I have enough yield for the wife and I in the morning. It is a good product and I am happy.

Perfect for family occasions.

Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper

I have only had my Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper for around two weeks, but I have a lot of experience brewing pour over coffee and have compared the brewer in side by side tastings with other pour over brewers. On the most important topic of cup quality, I have found the Etkin 2 cup brewer extremely forgiving and consistently producing good cups of coffee despite pushing the boundaries when it comes to brewing variables. This is rare in pour over brewers. The cup profile is consistently sweet and clean. This is not to say that I have always preferred the coffee from the Etkin in blind tastings with other brewers side by side, but often I have and when I haven't it wasn't as if the coffee was not good. The brewer itself seems extremely well built. It comes well packaged. It is heavy and porcelain so I suspect at high risk of breakage if it hits a hard surface with much force. Speaking of the porcelain construction, I have found the brewer to benefit from preheating and even then the coffee brewed in the Etkin will consistently be around 10F lower in temp compared to coffee brewed with plastic-type brewers. In summary, well built, easy to use, forgiving, and consistently produces great coffee.

Etkin 8-Cup Coffee Dripper
Caleb Chamberlain
Perfect Solution For Large Group Pour-overs!

Love this! I can put 100 grams of coffee in a Bunn filter and get 12 cups in my 10 cup Chemex! It’s a little unconventional but that combo works great for that large batch! Flow is quick enough that I do not get overly bitter coffee in my large batch recipe. My equipment includes Chemex 10 cup as my decanter, Fellow electric kettle, Fellow Ode v1 and the Edkin 8 cup flat bottom brewer!