Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper

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Meet your new go-to pour-over dripper. 

Every detail of the Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper is designed with extraction in mind. Deep ridges promote a fast flow and even extraction. The double wall allows for easy handling and great thermal stability. 100% Turkish porcelain makes for an elegant, environmentally-responsible material. 


Height: 7 cm

Diameter: 11.2 cm 

Base Ring Width: 5.5 cm. 

 2-Cup Filters Available Here.

Made in Türkiye from Turkish porcelain. Carafe not included.

Customer Reviews

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Carol Blanchet
The Etkin 2 cup dripper

We bought the 8 cup dripper so that we could make pour-overs for a crowd and we loved it. We wanted to try the 2 cup for just my husband and me, and we love this one just as much.
The porcelain is smooth and feels nice in my hands. It brews wonderfully and is easy to clean.

Dawnella Simmons
Etkin is great!

I love the 2-cup Etkin; it gives me flexibility as to what kind of coffee to have that day, and it's so easy to use. Thank you!

Larry Duran
Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper

I have only had my Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper for around two weeks, but I have a lot of experience brewing pour over coffee and have compared the brewer in side by side tastings with other pour over brewers. On the most important topic of cup quality, I have found the Etkin 2 cup brewer extremely forgiving and consistently producing good cups of coffee despite pushing the boundaries when it comes to brewing variables. This is rare in pour over brewers. The cup profile is consistently sweet and clean. This is not to say that I have always preferred the coffee from the Etkin in blind tastings with other brewers side by side, but often I have and when I haven't it wasn't as if the coffee was not good. The brewer itself seems extremely well built. It comes well packaged. It is heavy and porcelain so I suspect at high risk of breakage if it hits a hard surface with much force. Speaking of the porcelain construction, I have found the brewer to benefit from preheating and even then the coffee brewed in the Etkin will consistently be around 10F lower in temp compared to coffee brewed with plastic-type brewers. In summary, well built, easy to use, forgiving, and consistently produces great coffee.

Brittany Stigall
Etkin Dripper 2 cup is a must

We love everything from Etkin. The original is great when we have friends over, but we love this 2 cup dripper for when we're having a slow morning or one of us just needs an extra cup. It still gives great quality in a micro size. And, we love how unique and well made it is. Everything, down to the packaging is on point.

This dripper become one of my favorites.

I am enjoying the cups from this dripper and it has been very consistent between cups. Very easy to brew with. Highly recommend.