Etkin 8-Cup Pour-Over Set

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Some things are meant to go together, like our signature 8-cup Dripper and 1.5L carafe.

The Etkin 8-cup Coffee Dripper combines the precision of pour-over coffee with the efficiency and shareability of batch brew. Its proprietary design helps ensure an even extraction for a sweeter, full-bodied cup of coffee.  The carafe is made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass and can hold up to 1.5 liters of piping hot coffee.

With the Etkin 8-Cup Pour-over Set, there's plenty to go around. 

The Etkin Dripper is made in Turkey from Turkish Porcelain. 

Customer Reviews

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It's big. . .and heavy. . .but great results

I pull 1000 grams in the morning. Switching to this set up first thing I learned is it is big for my Hario and Brewista scales. Hario scale gives an error as it gets to 1000g. Brewista will handle it but the carafe is huge in the scale.
So, I am using a traditional kitchen scale to get the job done.
Coming from a V60 to this is an improvement in the taste that I do enjoy and now I have enough yield for the wife and I in the morning. It is a good product and I am happy.

Markku Kakko

Perfect for family occasions.

Larry Duran
Etkin 8-Cup Pour-Over Set

1) From the time of the order, we received well done order confirmation and shipping information. 2) The brewer arrived well packaged both in terms of the overall packaging and the actual product packaging. It was very well done from both an artistic standpoint and product safety standpoint. 3) The brewer appears very well made and sturdy. 4) Most importantly, I have been able to brew fantastic coffee with it on a larger scale, which isn't easy in my experience. 5) The one con is that it is heavy and would likely discourage many to use it outside their home.

Amazing coffee for large batches

I was looking to replace my drip machine with something that could produce a cup similar to my smaller pour overs. This EASILY creates exceptional pour over coffee in 1L batches. I have made some of my best cups of coffee with this and it has become my new favorite way to brew. The quality is outstanding as well!

Isaiah Myers
Clean, Consistent Cups

I love this brewer! I bought it because I have friends over that want coffee and I needed a better way to brew large amounts that wasn’t the Chemex. This brewer is like a mini batch brewer! I use my Melo Drip with it and I end up with clean, consistent, sweet cups of coffee. And with the large carafe, it’s perfect. Honestly, couldn’t recommend this brewer enough.