Etkin Launches New 2-Cup Dripper on Kickstarter

Our first product, the Etkin 8-cup Dripper was built around the premise that sometimes, bigger is better. We wanted to make bigger batches of pour-over coffee and didn't want to use a dripper we felt compromised on quality. 

But, if we're being perfectly honest, sometimes we don't want an entire liter of coffee-- we just want a single cup. Bigger might be better, but sometimes less is more. This is why we've always secretly had plans to make a more conventionally sized pour-over dripper. 

The cat's out of the bag: our next product is the Etkin 2-Cup Dripper. It shares many of the features of our 8-cup Dripper, but in a smaller, single-serve package. 

Once again, the double-walled construction is made from Turkish porcelain. Deep ridges allow to a faster flow, and, we think, a sweeter cup of coffee. This is a versatile coffee brewer, which is optimal for a wide variety of coffees and brewing techniques.  

Single-serve pour-over drippers are an incredibly crowded product category, but we believe the unique design and uncompromising performance of the Etkin 2-Cup Dripper makes it a coffee dripper you're going to want to use every day, we know we do. 

The Etkin 2-Cup Dripper is currently live on Kickstarter. It's schedule to arrive in early summer, 2023. Our Kickstarter backers will be amongst the first people in the world to receive the Etkin 2-cup Dripper at a deep discount.