Etkin Dripper Preorders Now Available On Indiegogo

The Etkin Dripper Preorders Now Available On Indiegogo InDemand

Etkin Design is happy to announce that the Etkin Dripper is now available for preorder on Indiegogo InDemand. We are super encouraged to see all of the interest and outpouring of support for this new pourover coffee brewer.

Why Indiegogo InDemand?

We are so grateful to all of our backers on Kickstarter. It still feels like a dream that we were able to raise over 160% of our funding on the Kickstarter campaign. After the campaign came to a close we have received an outpouring of requests to preorder the Etkin Dripper. This is why we've decided to launch an Indiegogo Indemand page.

Essentially, Indiegogo Indemand picks up where the Kickstarter left off, allowing us to accept preorders from new backers. You'll notice it's more streamlined. No add-ons, no freebies, no 3-packs, etc. Just the dripper.

Where are Etkin Dripper preorders available to ship?

Where does the Etkin Dripper ship?

Preorders are available to ship globally.