Barista Magazine Reviews Etkin 8-Cup Pour-Over Set

Perhaps no publication has done more globally to spread specialty coffee culture than Barista Magazine, which is why we couldn't be prouder to see our 8-cup Pour-Over set reviewed by Josh Taves in Barista Magazine's Test Drive column. Taves knows a thing are two about brewing coffee. He's a former US Barista Championship finalist and the inventor of the Cupping Brewer. We were flattered that Taves had such glowing things to say:

"The new Etkin Dripper is aimed squarely at solving this issue in an elegant and well-designed package that allows the user to brew up to 1 liter of pour-over coffee at a time. The simplicity and ingenuity of the Etkin Dripper are perhaps summed up best by their slogan: 'Make Plenty.'"

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