How To Brew On The Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper

How To Brew On The Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper

Today were going to share our go to recipe for the Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper. Our recipe will be 18 grams of coffee and 300 grams of water. There is no one correct recipe for Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper, but this is the recipe we go to time and time again when we want to make a single cup of coffee. Once we've measured about 18 grams of coffee, we're going to grind this on a medium to medium-fine setting.

The first thing you will want to do is preheat the dripper and rinse the filter. Rinsing the filter is not mandatory, but it is nice to get that dripper a little closer to brewing temperature. The beautiful thing about Porcelain is that after it absorbs that initial heat, it actually stays quite stable. Shout out to porcelain. Essentially at this volume, we want our brew time to ideally be between two and a half to three minutes.

Start by applying 50 grams of that water in the bloom. Make sure to start your timer as you begin pouring. We will want to briskly add that first 50 grams and let the gases begin to escape the coffee grounds. Once your arrive to about 30 seconds in your brew, add another 50 grams now starting in the middle, and slowly spiraling out. You want to make sure that the entire brew bed is getting good agitation. You want each and every one of those little coffee particles to experience the same amount of agitation to ensure an even extraction.

Essentially, we're just going to wash rinse and repeat every 15 seconds. Every 15 seconds you will want to add another 50 grams.  On the third pour, we like to try and make sure we hit the edges and wash down any coffee grounds that might be stuck to the side of the filter.

For our fourth pour, we will add another 50 grams. Essentially with each subsequent pour, try to maintain the same fill height.

For the fifth pour, we're ready for another 50 gram pour.

On the last pour, we're going to add our last 50 grams.

Now that we've added our total brew water, we're going to gently pick up the dripper by the handle grooves and give it just the slightest swirl. This will help to level the grounds and ensure an even extraction.

Now is the hard part. You have to sit and watch as the coffee continues to percolate. Total brew time should clock in around 2:30-3 minutes. If you're brewing a really dense coffee, perhaps like a washed Ethiopia or washed Kenya. It is perfectly normal for that brew time to go maybe 30 seconds or even 1 minute longer. So depending on the coffee, you may need to adjust your parameters.

At Etkin we like to say "make plenty", but sometimes you want to keep it to yourself.