Etkin Dripper Fully-Funded on Kickstarter in Five Days


Etkin Dripper Fully-Funded on Kickstarter in Five Days

The Etkin Dripper — a new product from Etkin Design LLC — met it’s funding goal on Kickstarter within the first five days of its campaign. The Istanbul-based company has raised over $10,000 for the large-format pour-over dripper, which is optimized to brew up to a liter of coffee. The proprietary design aims to produce an even extraction at larger volumes.

“Most pour-over drippers tend to clog at larger brew volumes, causing brew times to go too long. This produces more bitterness in the cup. Our design produces a sweeter cup with less bitterness,” says Michael Butterworth, an Authorized SCA trainer and inventor of the Etkin Dripper. 

The product recently debuted at the SCA Expo in New Orleans to an enthusiastic reception. The dripper is made from the highest quality Turkish porcelain in Kütahya— Turkey’s porcelain capital.

The inspiration for the Etkin Dripper was born out of sheltering in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Like most of us, I spent much of 2020 lock-downed at home. More than ever, brewing coffee by hand became an important ritual each day. But since my wife and I can drink a lot of coffee I often was brewing 3-4 pour-overs a day,” says Butterworth. “I looked for a larger format coffee dripper, but was disappointed I couldn’t find a flat-bottom one.” 

The Etkin dripper is compatible with 8-12 cup basket filters, though the company is also developing their own custom filters, along with mugs and a carafe. The Etkin Dripper is now live on Kickstarter. 

Media contact: Aaron Oneal