Coffee Review Recommends Etkin 8-Cup Dipper

Few coffee publications have the legacy and reach of Coffee Review. Coffee Review founder Kenneth Davids was the first to use a 100 point scoring system to grade coffees and that influence continues today. A positive review from the website can put an up-and-coming roaster on the spot. 

We couldn't be more honored they included the Etkin 8-Cup Coffee Dripper in their 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Coffee Review Contributor Howard Bryman writes,

"While taste is always subjective, at least one scientific study has determined that an even depth across the bed of grounds is beneficial to an even and thorough extraction when brewing higher volumes of coffee, i.e., more than just a cup or two. The Etkin — a lovely, hearty porcelain brewer with ergonomic indentations on the outside and dual-wall construction to trap heat on the inside — comfortably handles up to a one-liter batch."