A New Kind of Large Format Coffee Brewer

Make Plenty: A Large Format Coffee Dripper

When brewing coffee, you shouldn't have to choose between batch size and quality.

Many of us love the ritual of making coffee by hand, but most pour-over drippers are optimized to make 1-2 cups. If you brew coffee for your friends and family, you’re often stuck making multiple batches.

The Etkin Dripper is a new, flat-bottom coffee dripper optimized to make up to 1 liter of coffee.

Its proprietary design helps ensure an even extraction and ideal brew time so that your coffee tastes its best.  

The Back Story

Like many of us, we spent much of 2020 locked down. With cafés closed, we were brewing coffee at home more than ever.

Over time our co-founder Michael Butterworth became frustrated that he couldn’t find a pour-over dripper that could brew enough coffee for both his wife and himself in one batch.  

"I was surprised that the few larger-format pour-over drippers I could find were conical. Simply put, the coffee bed is too deep and brew times are too long at larger volumes, creating more bitterness in the cup.", said Michael. 

As an authorized instructor of the Special Coffee Association, Michael knew a flat-bottom dripper would yield a more even extraction at larger volumes. This is why virtually all commercial batch brewers utilize flat-bottom geometry.  

After talking it over with a few friends, we thought: What if we made our own pourover coffee brewer?

Fortunately, Etkin Design is based out of Istanbul, Turkey— one of the greatest cities on the planet.


Turkey makes some of the world’s finest porcelain. It’s the perfect material for a coffee brewer, both for its durability and superior flavor.

We teamed up with industrial designer Selim Caner Eldeniz, who took our concept and made a prototype.   

Our goal was to make a product that didn't compromise form or function. We wanted a dripper that would make a fantastic cup of coffee, but also look beautiful and be easy to use. 

The Etkin Dripper features: 

  • An ergonomic, double-walled design for easy handling
  • Deep ridges at the bottom of the dripper to prevent choking 
  • Made from 100% Turkish porcelain 
  • Compatible with any 6-12 cup basket filter

We are now in the middle of our first production run of the Etkin Dripper. If you would like to preorder the Etkin Dripper, you’ll be one of the first people to receive this brand-new brewing device.

With the Etkin Dripper, you can make plenty to go around.