5 Digital Coffee Scales Perfect for Large Format Pour-Overs

Since we launched the Etkin 8-Cup Coffee Dripper in 2022, we have been actively pioneering a somewhat new category of pour-over coffee brewing. James Hoffman calls this new category, "the large format pour-over brewer". With this new territory in specialty coffee, one of the most common questions we get asked is, which digital coffee scale is best for large format pour-over coffee brewing? One of the primary reasons we are asked this is that many of the digital coffee scales available on the market max out at 2 kg (2000 grams). 

Of the five scales we've shared below, we've shared each scale’s notable qualities, respective weight capacity, the general price point, and where you can purchase it online.

Acaia Pearl Model S

Acaia Pearl Model S


It is safe to say that Acaia’s Pearl Model S is a game-changer. It features a bright dot matrix display and an impressive 40 hours of battery life. As if that wasn’t enough, the Pearl Model S comes with a companion app. Just to ice the cake, it has 7 different modes. Yes, count them all, 7. Weight mode, timer mode, portafilter mode, espresso mode, flow rate mode, flow rate practice mode, and of course the brewguides mode. One of the centerpieces of the new Pearl S experience is the brewguides mode. These are meticulously crafted recipes that seamlessly integrate with your scale, guiding you through each step of your brewing process.  The weight capacity of the Pearl S is 3 kg and has a price point of $220.

Weight Capacity: 3 kg (3000 grams)

Price: $220

Where To Buy: Prima Coffee Equipment

The Varia Digital LED Scale With Timer

Varia LED Digital Coffee Scale 3 kg


If you are following specialty coffee on social media, you’ve no doubt encountered Varia’s coffee grinder line up, but did you know they have their own scale? With a slim compact design and an eye towards brewing precision, it caught our eye. Varia’s scale also touts a bright and easy to read LED Display, a sleek stylish look, a timer function, 3 kg capacity (0.1 g / 3 kg precision load cell), and a fancy auto-off to conserve power. You can grab it for around $49 directly from Varia.

Weight Capacity: 3 kg (3000 grams)

Price: $49.00

Where To Buy: Varia Brewing

Miir Digital Coffee Scale

Miir Coffee Scale 3 kg


A new player has entered the chat with the goal of being a user friendly type of digital coffee scale. The Miir Digital Coffee Scale comes with a built-in timer and has a 3kg weight capacity. Also, no batteries required, This scale has a USB-C charging feature. It should also be noted that Miir is a Climate Neutral Certified brand that does all their product design in house. Its no surprise that it is made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and comes with a silicone cover made with 20% recycled material. Right now you can score it directly from Miir for just under $60.

Weight Capacity: 3 kg (3000 grams)

Price: $59.95

Where To Buy: Miir

Escali Versi Scale

Escali Versi 3 kg Coffee Scale


While we were perusing all the delicious coffee’s on St.Louis’s Blueprint Coffee’s website, we happened across the Escali Versi Coffee Scale. Its a beautiful looking scale. It features a digital timer, a water-resistant mat, and a rechargeable battery. It has four pre-programmed pour-over modes and a bright LED display for readability. Suitable for brewing espresso or pour-over coffee this scale appears to be quite versatile. The weight capacity is 3 kg and the price comes in right at $55.

Weight Capacity: 3 kg (3000 grams)

Price: $55.00

Where To Buy: Blue Print Coffee

The Digital Coffee Scale 3000G Rechargeable

Sweet Maria's Digital Coffee Scale


While researching for this article, we just happened to stumble upon “The Digital Coffee Scale” on Sweet Maria’s website. This scale features an integrated timer and touch sensor operation (no buttons/smooth surface). Additionally, this scale recharges via the universally compatible USB-C port. The Digital Coffee Scale has a 3 kg weight capacity and is super affordable coming in under $20. You can find it on Sweet Maria’s site below.

Weight Capacity: 3 kg (3000 grams)

Price: $19.60

Where To Buy: Sweet Maria's


We know there is not one perfect answer to which scale is best for large format brewing, but in our quest here at Etkin to make more coffee better, we're hopeful you'll be able to make an educated selection in choosing a digital coffee scale tailored to the needs of large format pour-over enthusiasts like us.